Cat Nav acknowledgements

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The British Computer Association of the Blind (BCAB) thank all the artists and everybody involved for your total support of this project in your own time and at no cost. We would like to thank the following people and companies for their help in the production of this work:

Les Barker, for supporting such a strange project around his strange poems over a strangely long period, and for writing some delightfully strange sleeve notes.

We would like to thank the following for recording and editing tracks on which they did not appear:

Peter Bosher (Soundlinks), David Brownlie – Marshall at Lambeth Palace, Vo Fletcher, Gray Cooper (Holland Road Studio, Les Hewett (Pearlbay Ltd) Maidstone), Robert Kirkwood of Insight Radio, David Miller of the BBC, Jonny Miller, Ich Mowatt (Sounding Post), Chris Harvey-Pollington, David Reay (Grass-Hopper Productions who also helped immensely in putting the album track running order together).

We would also like to thank:

Hester Nevill, liaison with artists at BBC Radio 2, Richard Ellin of Osmosys Records for wholeheartedly backing this project with faith and money, Bill Zorn for permission to use “Quasi B Goode,” McDonald Bridge (Work on legal contracts) Clive Lever and Don Thompson, who kept the tracks on the project and the project on track, the brains behind it all and the guys who really believed it could happen.

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