Get To Grips With... the internet

This tutorial introduces you to some key things you need to know before you start surfing the net. Once the jargon has been explained, you'll be shown how to open web pages, move from page to page, find information, and make bookmarks so you can go back to websites you like.

One of the major benefits of this tutorial is that we provide a dummy website for you to use. This means you can learn to surf the internet in a relaxed environment, and even without an internet connection!

Lesson plan

The Get To Grips With... The Internet tutorial for Jaws includes the following lessons:

  1. An introduction to Internet Explorer.
  2. Web basics.
  3. Navigating around a website.
  4. Web page elements.
  5. Keeping information you find on the web.
  6. Returning to useful websites.
  7. Searching for information on the web.
  8. Security issues.