Get To Grips With... Windows 7

This tutorial introduces you to the Windows 7 Operating System (OS), the programme that actually makes your computer work. It explains the various components of Windows, how to start your computer, find your way around the screen, find out where things are stored on the computer, and where to get help.

One of the lessons in this tutorial focuses on security, protecting your computer against virus attack and hardware failure. Security issues are also discussed throughout all of the Get To Grips With... tutorials.

Lesson plan

The Get To Grips With... Windows 7 tutorial for Jaws includes the following lessons:

  1. Introducing Microsoft Windows 7.
  2. Windows elements, application menus and ribbons.
  3. Obtaining online help.
  4. Using the Windows Explorer programme.
  5. Managing folders and files.
  6. Beyond the basics.
  7. System and data security.