Get To Grips With... Windows Mail

This tutorial introduces you to Microsoft's new free email programme. You'll be introduced to the different parts of Windows Live Mail, and how to move between them.

You'll learn how to create email messages, send and receive emails, and how to store them in folders. You'll be shown how to attach files to emails, and how to create an address book for your contacts.

Security issues will also be discussed, and you'll be shown how to automate routine tasks using email rules.

Lesson plan

The Get To Grips With... Windows Live Mail tutorial for Jaws includes the following lessons:

  1. Introduction to Windows Live Mail.
  2. Sending email messages.
  3. Receiving and reading email messages.
  4. Working with file attachments.
  5. Managing folders and messages.
  6. Working with the contacts list.
  7. Security matters.
  8. Beyond the basics.