Guide Cats for the Blind acknowledgements

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The British Computer Association of the Blind (BCAB) wishes to thank all the artists and everybody involved for your total support of this project in your own time and at no cost. We would like to thank the following people and companies for their help in the production of this work:

Les Barker, for supporting such a strange project around his strange poems.

Paul Bajoria, Artist contacts; Peter Bosher, recording and editing; Bud Budzynski, recording and editing; Paul Donovan, Sleeve notes, assistance with artist contacts; Becky Harris, art work and intrepid roof expedition; Ian Macrae, artists and repertory; Hester Nevill, liaison with artists (radio 2); Steve Plumpton, recording and editing; Chris Harvey Pollington, recording and editing; David Reay and Gay Reay, recording and editing, track listing planning; Terry Robinson, support and guidance; Inderjit Sandhu, administration; Nigel Schofield, background material for sleeve notes.

Fiona Brown and the Persula Foundation, for generously supporting this project; Richard Ellin of Osmosys for wholeheartedly backing this project with faith and money; Free Reed Music, permission to use Mike Harding recording; Sue Atkinson of Spotlight Contacts Directory: artist/agent contact details; McDonald Bridge, work on legal contracts; Stumbling Block Productions, recording, editing and mastering; Topic Records, general business advice; all the producers who worked with the BBC performers; and all those agents who have generously supported us in reaching the performers.

Clive Lever, who kept the tracks on the project; the brains behind it all and the man who really believed it could happen, executive producer; Don Thompson, unstinting support, executive co-producer; Kevin Russell, procurement of funds, keeping the project on track; Chairman of the British Computer Association of the Blind.

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