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Guide Cats for the Blind: The result of one man's extraordinary idea and the incredible generosity of many others. BCAB member Clive Lever is the man with the idea and the driving force behind this outstanding fund raising initiative.

Comic genius and folk poet Les Barker, has donated all of the materials for the Guide Cats CDs. It was the name of an early poem of Les', Guide Cats for the Blind, that captured our imagination and set the scene for everything else that was to come.

Money raised through the sale of the Guide Cats CDs helped fund BCAB's EyeT4All project, and continues to help us support blind and partially sighted people who use technology. to technology.

There are five CDs in the Guide Cats for the Blind series. Each one jam packed with performances from Terry Wogan, Nick Kershaw, Prunella Scales, Ken Bruce and a host of other celebrities!

Buy the Guide Cats CD collection