Orca screen reader

Orca is a free screen reader and magnifier for Linux computers. It speaks on-screen information using a synthetic voice, and can be used with an (optional) braille display.

Orca comes with many different versions of Linux (known as "distros"), including Ubuntu, Solaris, Debian, Fedora and Vinux. Vinux is a Linux distro specifically designed for blind and partially sighted people.

Orca comes with voices from the Festival or eSpeak synthesizers (depending on which Linux distro you use).

  • Manufacturer: Gnome
  • Price: Free
  • Platform: Linux

Getting started with Orca

Orca starts automatically if you use the Vinux distro. For other distros you will need to refer to the documentation for that version to find out how to start Orca.

There is a basic introduction to Orca available on the Gnome website. The Orca user guide is also available.

Training and tutorials for Orca

The Orca wiki has links to guides and tutorials in text and audio. The Gnome website also has information about Orca commands. .

Getting help with Orca

Gnome runs an email discussion list for Orca developers and users.

BCAB runs an email discussion forum. The BCAB forum is for discussion about all kinds of technology, so it’s a great place to get help from Orca users in the UK. It's free to join, just create an account.