Pocket PC

Buy the Pocket PC.

The BCAB Pocket PC lets you use any Windows computer, no matter where you are!

A compact USB stick with twist-around lid, and the words BCAB PocketPC printed in silver and black on the side

Ever wanted to borrow a sighted friend's computer? Ever been in an office where hot-desking was popular? Ever been stuck because there wasn't a screen reader available on a computer you needed to use? The Pocket PC is the solution.

What is the Pocket PC?

The Pocket PC is a portable 8Gb USB drive that fits easily into your bag or pocket. Simply plug it into the USB port of a Windows computer and you'll have instant access to all the programmes you need.

What’s on the Pocket PC?

The Pocket PC includes a range of free and open source software that means you can get on with the things you want to do:

With the Pocket PC you can do all the things you’d expect from a Windows computer:

  • Browse the web, and store your settings, history and bookmarks on the Pocket PC.
  • Send and receive emails, and keep your correspondence and contacts on the Pocket PC.
  • Listen to internet radio and podcasts, or music that you’ve loaded onto the Pocket PC.
  • Text and voice chat with friends and family, and store your chat history and contacts on the Pocket PC.
  • Safely store usernames, passwords and account information on the Pocket PC.

How does the Pocket PC work?

With the Pocket PC you can get started in a few easy steps. The Pocket PC comes with a quick start guide and quick start podcast. The [Pocket PC quick start guide] and [Pocket PC quick start podcast] are also available online.

Pocket PC owners can ask questions, and share tips and advice through the Pocket PC forum. Details of the forum are included with the Pocket PC.

Please note: BCAB is unable to provide telephone support or training for the Pocket PC.

How much does the Pocket PC cost?

The Pocket PC is £32, or £12 for BCAB members. For every Pocket PC sold, we will donate 25% of the purchase price to NV Access, supporting their excellent work producing the NVDA screen reader.

All of the applications that come with the Pocket PC can be downloaded and used for free. In addition to the donation to NV Access, the cost of the Pocket PC covers the USB drive, operation of the Pocket PC forum, and production of the Pocket PC including setup and configuration of all applications so you can plug in the Pocket PC and get on with the things you want to do.

Buy the Pocket PC.