ZoomText magnifier

ZoomText is a screen magnifier for Windows computers. It enlarges everything on-screen, and enhances it so it's easier to see.

ZoomText works with Windows XP and all later versions of Windows. It supports many popular applications including the Microsoft Office suite, and browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox.

ZoomText uses xFont technology for high definition magnification. It has up to 36x magnification (60x on Windows 8), and nine different magnification views.

Getting started with ZoomText

You can download a trial version of ZoomText from the AISquared website. You can use the trial version for 60 days, and then you'll need to buy a licence before you can use ZoomText again.

Training and tutorials for ZoomText

AISquared runs free online webinars, and also has online videos on YouTube.

AISquared also offers ZoomText accreditation, which can be achieved by taking an online exam.

Getting help with ZoomText

The ZoomTexted In blog has helpful tips and tricks for ZoomText users. AISquared also has a range of support options available on their website.

BCAB runs an email discussion forum. The BCAB forum is for discussion about all kinds of technology, so it’s a great place to get help from ZoomText users in the UK. It's free to join, just create an account.