One of the many benefits to a BCAB membership is an ongoing series of events using the Zoom platform. The events listed on this page are open to BCAB members. If you are interested in running an event of your own, contact Sean Randall, who is the BCAB board member with responsibility for managing the online events System. Events running in the real world are also listed below for your convenience.

Using Zoom

Zoom is a very simple system to use. You can dial in on a plain-old telephone, use a Windows or Mac computer, or connect with a smartphone or tablet.

We have a Events page for BCAB members with full instructions on how to connect to the system. You will also, as a BCAB member, receive an Email on the morning of an event with a link to join via the app and a reminder of the telephone number you need to dial.

Upcoming events

A comparison of voice recorders. Wednesday 27th September 2017, 07:30PM.

Sometimes, if you can’t right things down very conveniently, being able to speak is a handy tool. In this session, we’ll discuss a variety of voice recorders, both physical machines and apps and tools on phones and tablets to satisfy all price points.

Open Technology Chat. Wednesday 4th October 2017, 07:30PM.

BCAB members get the chance to talk tech on the first Wednesday of the month with some board members providing technical input and fielding questions. August will be our first attempt at using software called Zoom to host the chat, allowing you to dial in on the phone, connect at the computer or engage from your android or iOS app. If you’re a BCAB member, look out for a reminder email in the morning with all the details.

Telephone Helpline. Thursday 5th October 2017, 07:30PM.

Open to the general public, the BCAB telephone helpline is where you can go for technology help or advice on computers, smartphones, tablets and so forth, , with one of our expert trainers manning the system on the first Thursday of each month from 7:30 to 9:00PM.

To call, for the cost of a local call or with the time taken from your inclusive minutes, please dial: 02036, 9 5 0, 088. then enter the following code when prompted: 222-239-7064.

Online Shopping: Tesco Grocery and JAWS.. Wednesday 11th October 2017, 07:30PM.

Online grocery shopping is a very popular activity within the blind community, but the sheer number of combinations of shops, screen readers and computer and mobile platforms raises some thorny issues. In this series of events, we’ll pick a shop and a screen reader, and put through a sample order as if we were actually buying the groceries. You can sit back and listen to your presenter doing his weekly shop, and ask questions and find tips to more efficiently get your food delivered to your door.

This week, it’ll be Tesco and JAWS on a Windows computer.