One of the many benefits to a BCAB membership is an ongoing series of events using the Zoom platform. The events listed on this page are open to BCAB members. If you are interested in running an event of your own, contact Sean Randall, who is the BCAB board member with responsibility for managing the online events System. Events running in the real world are also listed below for your convenience.

If you want to listen again to an event, or couldn't make it at the time, you can download a recording from the events page if you are a BCAB member.

Using Zoom

Zoom is a very simple system to use. You can dial in on a plain-old telephone, use a Windows or Mac computer, or connect with a smartphone or tablet.

We have a Events page for BCAB members with full instructions on how to connect to the system. You will also, as a BCAB member, receive an Email on the morning of an event with a link to join via the app and a reminder of the telephone number you need to dial.

Upcoming events

A demonstration of Leasey, hosted by Brian Hartgen. Friday 17th April 2020, 07:30PM.

Hartgen Consultancy, a company based in the UK, develop a range of products exclusively controlled by the popular screen-reader JAWS for Windows. The BCAB presentation will primarily focus upon Leasey.

Leasey is a product ideal for the computer beginner. Through its human narrated menus system, people new to computing can write documents, surf the internet, manage email, listen to the radio, and perform many other common actions.

Leasey advanced is for JAWS, Fusion or ElBraille users who wish to be more productive when using a computer. Over 50 features are included to achieve this, including easy ways to select (or reproduce large blocks of text), launch documents or folders, get the latest news from over 60 sources, work with popular applications or environments such as Twitter, Facebook and iTunes, find weather information, create custom notes for web pages, to name just a few. Brian Hartgen will not only give an overview of Leasey but will also demonstrate a number of the features during the presentation.