2013 election results

The BCAB Annual General Meeting (AGM) was held on 12th October 2013. The election of the board of trustees took place during the AGM, with a number of changes taking place.

Derek Naysmith stood down from the board of trustees before the election. Léonie Watson formally thanked Derek for his contribution to the association, spanning many years and many roles including Company Secretary and Chair.

Mike Townsend stood down as Honorary President, but was returned to the board as a trustee. Léonie recognised Mike's work as ambassador to the association during his time as President.

Léonie Watson was returned as Chair, David Boden as Treasurer and Guy Whitehouse as Company Secretary.

Kay Deer was welcomed as a new trustee, joining Andrew Hodgson, Barry Toner, Kevin Russell, Mike Townsend and Clive Lever on the board of trustees.

Jeff Bashton was not returned to the board of trustees, and Léonie thanked him for his contribution during his time as trustee.