BCAB awarded Supporting Change tgrant

BCAB has been awarded £9700 under the Supporting Change fund from The Big Lottery.

This grant is an extention of our very successful EyeT4All funding. The purpose of the grant is to evaluate EyeT4All and prepare for its future. We will analyze the statistics we have gathered from venues and clients. We will make some venue visits to see how the taster Days were received locally and discover how clients have fared since.

A key output will be "EyeT4All--a sustainable future" report. Technology is always changing. Since we designed EyeT4All, PC's are no longer the most popular way of connecting digitally. During EyeT4All we have adjusted and extended the approach to cover "Taste the Apples" and `handy Android".

The fundamental concepts remain the same: Client focused, task oriented, hands on, and "can do" are the features that have made the project so successful. But a new approach, which draws in technologies as they appear, is vital to get blind and partially sighted people connected and bridge the growing digital divide.

p>We need greater partnership working, and the ability to share effective delivery methods through more trainers. Over the summer, we will build relationships with new partners, develop a modified model of delivery, outline a business plan and generate attractive documents to promote EyeT4All and gain a "next stage" project.