BCAB launches online seminars, presentations and discussion

One of the new member benefits introduced by the BCAB Board of Trustees is regular access to a variety of online seminars, discussions and meetings.

using the TeamTalk voice-conferencing software for computers, phones and tablets, BCAB members will be able to participate verbally or in writing to the new events.

The first event is running on the evening of Tuesday 9th February and is entitled "Braille Screen Input", demonstrating the underused feature of the iPhone and iPad that lets you type with 6 fingers on the touchscreen, rather than hunting around on an on-screen virtual keyboard.

We have many more events lined up. members will be informed by eMail as dates for these are confirmed.

non-members can see upcoming events on the TeamTalk events page, and members can join the events from a link here, or in their email reminders at the time.