Calendar events for June

Hello Everyone

The BCAB Helpline is running this evening from 7.30 to 9.00 pm. If you need to, please call 0330 606 0520 and enter the code 397064#.

Sean Randall is hosting an iPhone Calendar presentation on Tuesday 13 June from 7.30 pm. Following many requests on how to use the iPhone calendar app and get the most out of it, Sean will guide you through its features and lots more.

ElBraille is the new portable Windows device by Freedom Scientific and the Elita Group. Join me for a presentation on ElBraille from 7.30 pm on Tuesday 20 June. I will describe what it is, and tell you what you can expect when using it.

Remember that you can contact Sean or myself if you fancy hosting a presentation yourself. And in order to join our presentations, you need to use TeamTalk, details of which can be found at

A quick reminder that the next newsletter deadline is 21 July, so any contributions are much appreciated and welcome.

Kind regards,

Jackie Brown