Dates in the BCAB Diary for March

Thursday 2 March - BCAB Helpline from 7.30 to 9.00 pm.

Please call 0330 606 0520, using PIN: 397064. Everyone is welcome to ring for assistance.

Wednesday 8 March - all about Kindle for PC using NVDA and JAWS (BCAB members only.)

Please join Sean Randall for this presentation on TeamTalk from 7.30. If you want information on how to log on, go to the BCAB website,

Amazon recently released an update to their Kindle software for Windows computers, and if you're using JAWS or NVDA, you can now read many Kindle books at your computer using this software. In this presentation and discussion, we'll look at:

. The specific software and versions you need, and how you go about getting them. . The books you can and can't read using the software, why there are some you can't, and what you can do about it. . The differences in the support for the software between JAWS and NVDA and what impact that has on you for reading. . The features that don't yet work, or that don't yet work very wel, and the differences between reading as a sighted and blind person with the PC program

We will be holding a future event about Kindle on iOS in due course, but if you are a Windows, and JAWS or NVDA user and like your books, this hot technology topic is not one to miss.

Friday 17 March - Braille note-takers.

presented by Jackie Brown, Paul Leake and Andrew Hodgson. Open for BCAB members only from 7.30 pm using TeamTalk, this is a presentation on the Hims range, BAUM VarioUltra and HumanWare BrailleNote Touch. We look at their pros and cons, list of features, available technical support, and how to get the best out of them.

BCAB newsletter -

please feel free to send me any contributions you have for the next newsletter which is due out in May. We are also planning to launch our new quarterly podcast at the same time as a companion to the newsletter, so lots to look forward to if you are a BCAB member. And if you would like to join, please visit the BCAB website, it's well worth £10 a year.

Thank you for reading.

Jackie Brown BCAB Editor