Kent County Council purchase Pocket PC

Kent County Council has purchased the BCAB Pocket PC with NVDA, and is among the first organisations to recognise the potential of NVDA in the workplace.

NVDA has been adopted as an approved piece of software at Kent County Council, meaning that anyone working there can have this free open source screen reader loaded onto their computer. The Council's I T department and training unit are also using NVDA as an accessibility testing tool.

The BCAB Pocket PC can be plugged into any Windows computer, making full access possible through the NVDA screen reader and a bundle of other useful applications. 25% of the purchase price of the Pocket PC is donated to NV Access, the company behind NVDA.

Liz Taylor from Kent County Council's Libraries, Registration and Archives section, writes about NVDA and the Pocket PC:

"We have recently bought a Pocket PC from British Computer Association of the Blind. The software package on the dongle enables people who are blind to access any computers including public access computers in libraries. We will be testing the Pocket PC to find out if it improves accessibility to our public access computers. We will also be encouraging people to use their own pocket pcs when using a public access computer in our libraries."