New website & online community

We're delighted to announce the launch of the new BCAB website!

Our previous website was nearly a decade old, but it served the association extremely well during that time. It enabled us to offer online payments, and to share knowledge and information with our members throughout the UK and beyond.

Our thanks go to Nomensa, who generously designed and hosted our website throughout this period.

Our new website will help us build on these accomplishments, and deliver many benefits to BCAB members, discussion list subscribers, and to the association itself.

The new website includes an online shop, where you can buy tickets to BCAB events like TechABreak or products like the Pocket PC. There is up to date information on using a computer or touch screen device if you're blind or partially sighted, and places to get help when you need it.

The BCAB online community includes bllog posts and audio soundbytes on different technology topics, and the ability to add comments and find related content. BCAB members can share their technology skills and interests on their member profile page, and access member-only benefits like the scholarship fund, and discounts on BCAB products and events.

Our thanks go to Illuminate ICT, who worked with us to create this website and all its new features.