31st December 2016, 10.57pm
As explained in our recent newsletter, the annual subscription rates have been reduced to œ10 for full membership and œ5 for associate membership from January 2017. Any payments made at the old rate will be treated as the new subscription rate plus a donation, so please amend your Standing Order as... More Change in Annual Subscription Rates
27th September 2016, 1.23pm
An exciting new exhibition created by the British Computer Association of the Blind which specialises in technology. You will have time and space to look at current technology for blind and partially sighted people. There *may* even be a new product launch! This exhibition is free to BCAB... More TechSight Exhibition - Crewe Arms
16th July 2016, 3.38pm
**A BCAB and RNIB Partnership Is the world of smart phones passing you by? Do you think tablets are for swallowing? Are you having difficulty with an app? Do you wish to know what is out there after Talks and Zooms? If the answer to any of these questions is yes, then this "Special TechChat" may... More Presenting a Special BCAB TechChat With RNIB
31st March 2016, 12.00am
Would you like to come to a pub and chat about technology? Well, this is your opportunity! Our next “Tech chat live” is taking place On Saturday 9th April From 7 pm onward. there will be a group of BCAB folk who want to talk about technology and other stuff. All the BCAB board will be there. We... More BCAB Tech Chat Event
13th August 2015, 11.03pm
We would like to announce the release of a new Pocket PC version, 1.3. This version is a free update to current Pocket PC users. Here is what has changed in the new version: Firefox updated from V26 to V38.0.5. Thunderbird upgraded from V24.0 to 24.5.0. Skype updated from 6.7.59 to More Pocket PC v1.3 released
24th July 2015, 2.48am
TechABreak 2015, Friday 9th to Sunday 11th October. Announcing BCAB’s annual event for 2015. Join us for a weekend of technology seminars, social fun, and a little bit of BCAB business! TechABreak 2015 features four technology seminars (around 90mins long each), two short talks (each being 45mins... More BCAB TechABreak 2015 has been announced - join us
15th May 2015, 12.00am
Wolfram Alpha is a computational knowledge engine. It's an online fact finding service that answers questions directly, rather than presenting lists of suggested sources for the answer. A new image identification service has recently been added to Wolfram Alpha's capabilities. You can upload an... More Wolfram Alpha image identification service
12th May 2015, 4.00pm
Researchers at Birmingham City University have developed a white cane with facial recognition capability. The Xplor cane takes an SD card of images of people the cane owner knows, and has a camera that scans people as they come into view. If a match is made, the cane vibrates to let the cane owner... More White cane with facial recognition
22nd February 2015, 9.25am
Jumping out of a plane at 13,000 feet for BCAB! Léonie Watson will be doing a tandem sky dive on Tuesday 3rd March, to raise money for BCAB. She'll be doing the jump in San Diego during the week of the Annual International Technology and Persons with Disabilities conference. You can help Léonie... More Sponsored sky dive!
13th October 2014, 9.19am
The BCAB AGM was held on Saturday 11th October in Crewe. The election of the board of trustees saw several changes to the team that manages the association on a day-to-day basis. Léonie Watson stepped down as Chair to become a trustee, and Andrew Hodgson was elected as the new chair who will take... More Results of BCAB elections