25th August 2014, 12.00am
BCAB's Guy Whitehouse will present a technology workshop at the RNIB member forum in Guildford on 6th September. The RNIB Member Forum is a great opportunity to meet and socialise with other blind and partially sighted people, take part in activities together and find out about RNIB's work. The... More BCAB workshop at RNIB forum in Guildford
12th August 2014, 5.43pm
TechABreak 2014, Friday 10th to Sunday 12th October. Announcing BCAB’s annual event for 2014. Join us for a weekend of technology seminars, social fun, and a little bit of BCAB business! TechABreak 2014 features four technology seminars, two professional zone talks, and the Insight Radio... More Announcing TechABreak 2014
28th July 2014, 12.02pm
Kent County Council has purchased the BCAB Pocket PC with NVDA, and is among the first organisations to recognise the potential of NVDA in the workplace. NVDA has been adopted as an approved piece of software at Kent County Council, meaning that anyone working there can have this free open source... More Kent County Council purchase Pocket PC
8th July 2014, 7.23pm
Location: London Date: Monday 7th July 2014 Host: Mike Townsend We had a great time at Mabel's tavern in London. Around 20 people got together from all-over the South East. We packed into the pub snugly! Lots of technology was discussed, criticised, sorted out and demonstrated. We were also joined... More First TechChat success!
7th July 2014, 10.15pm
We're delighted to announce the launch of the new BCAB website! Our previous website was nearly a decade old, but it served the association extremely well during that time. It enabled us to offer online payments, and to share knowledge and information with our members throughout the UK and beyond... More New website & online community
25th June 2014, 4.25pm
We've been tweeting regularly from the @WeAreBCAB Twitter account since 2011. We've sent out nearly 5000 tweets, and have well over 500 followers, sharing mainstream and assistive technology news and information. We're now delighted to announce that our Twitter team has grown! Meet the people who'... More Meet the BCAB tweeters
1st June 2014, 2.00pm
Would you like to come to the pub and talk about technology? On Monday 7th July, there will be a group of folk meeting in central London to talk about technology and other stuff. Everyone is welcome to come along to this free meetup and join in the conversation! More information is available on... More TechChat London
31st January 2014, 10.30pm
Today BCAB donated £169.50 to NV Access, makers of the free NVDA screen reader. The donation was made as a result of sales of the BCAB Pocket PC. 25% of the purchase price of every Pocket PC goes to NV Access, and after three months we're delighted to make this donation. The Pocket PC lets you... More NV Access donation
1st December 2013, 12.05am
Ever wanted to borrow a sighted friend's computer? Ever been in an office where hot-desking was popular? Ever been stuck because there wasn't a screen reader available on a computer you needed to use? The Pocket PC is the solution! The Pocket PC lets you browse the web, send and receive email,... More Pocket PC now available
1st November 2013, 3.25pm
BCAB trustees Guy Whitehouse and Mike Townsend will be presenting at two RNIB workshops in November. The workshops will bring together RNIB members from the London area. Mike and Guy will discuss the importance of technology in today's society, and the work that BCAB does to promote access to... More BCAB at RNIB workshops