BCAB Podcast

We have launched the BCAB podcast to provide a new strand to BCAB's offering. Jackie Brown, our editor and Podcast Host, will take you through a variety of features and interviews parallel to our newsletter. Of course, we hope that you like the Podcast and get a lot out of it, we enjoy putting it together. If you are not a BCAB member receiving the newsletter, you'll find more in-depth content and longer-form material in there and on our blog.

The podcast is a fledgling offering, so more options and features will be coming soon, including a wider variety of player choices. Currently, you can ask Alexa to enable BCAB to listen on your Alexa-based device, find us on iTunes, tuneIn and Pocketcasts, or search for us using your Victor Reader Stream. You can also listen on the telephone by calling 0330 22 33 465.

if you have appropriate software, The feed URL to subscribe is http://BCAB.org.uk/Podcast/feed.xml which you can put into your Podcast player. you can also try various alternative forms of this feed, each of the below items is a slightly different way of adding a feed to your software, so try them out and see which works for you:

if you prefer to listen at your computer, we have provided a Playlist that will work in your media player of choice, accessible at http://BCAB.org.uk/Podcast/stream.m3u

Please get in touch if you'd like to feature on the podcast, have questions or comments, or just have anything to say. The team behind the podcast are contactable by email at Podcast@bcab.org.uk

If you prefer a physical product rather than a download, we also sell them (at cost, because the content of the Podcast is free).You can go to the shop page or click below to buy the latest episode on Memory Stick or on CD.