Guide Cats sales reach £51,000

With help from BCAB's friends and supporters, sales of our Guide Cats CDs have just passed the £51,000 marker!

Funds from the five CD collection contributed to BCAB's EyeT4All initiative, and will help us provide the match funding needed to win grants in the future.

BCAB applies for EyeT4All trademark

In 2011 we successfully registered BCAB as a UK trademark. We wanted to protect the BCAB brand and the excellent reputation the British Computer Association of the Blind has built up over the past forty years or so.

With the success of the EyeT4All project still fresh in our minds, the board of trustees felt that EyeT4All would be a perfect umbrella brand for many of the association's future activities. To this end, we've begun the process of registering EyeT4All as a UK trademark as well.