TeamTalk is software you can run on your computer, smartphone or tablet. It allows you to connect to a server and talk in real time to other people, or listen to a presentation, lecture or seminar.

One of the many benefits to a BCAB membership is an ongoing series of events using the TeamTalk platform. The events listed on this page are open to BCAB members. If you are interested in running an event of your own, contact Sean Randall, who is the BCAB board member with responsibility for managing the TeamTalk System.

Using TeamTalk

You will need to set up the TeamTalk software to attend any of the events. We have a page of TeamTalk Setup Instructions which you can follow.

Connecting to the BCAB System

To join us, look at the dates and times of the events below. Visit the join BCAB On TeamTalk Page to connect at the appropriate time.

Upcoming events

Home-based voice assistants. The Amazon Echo and Google Home. Wednesday 17th May 2017, 07:30PM.

Amazon’s Echo range of devices and the Google Home product are the first in a new wave of voice-powered digital assistants to be based solidly at home, rather than carried around on a phone or tablet. In this seminar we will:

  • discuss the differences between both offerings,
  • demonstrate in practical terms what they can do and what they can’t yet manage
  • and talk a little about the future direction these devices might take.

This session is presented by Jackie Brown and Sean Randall.

Open Technology Chat. Tuesday 30th May 2017, 08:00PM.

Open technology chats are designed to be free-flowing, unscripted and open-ended. They’re a chance for you to discuss any technology you want to talk about, although we won’t avoid non technology related topics if they come up naturally during the chat.

The room will be open to all microphones, although server administrators reserve the right to turn you off if you’re too loud or causing problems for other attendees. Please be respectful of the opinions and viewpoints of others, avoid language you wouldn’t want to hear in public and give others a chance to speak. We will end by 10:00PM.

This session is presented by Sean Randall.